Backlink Booster

Give Your Website Traffic and Online Presence a Super Boost!

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link to your website that appears on another website. It drives traffic to your website from another website and often appears in guest posts/blogs, news articles and press releases.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks help show search engines that your website is important and has value. The more backlinks you have on credible, quality websites, the more credible your website appears to Google and other search engines, affecting where you appear in search results.

What is Optuno Backlink Booster?

Optuno Backlink Booster is the secret sauce you can use to make your website traffic and business POP. Boost gets any URL’s of your choosing placed in related content across the web, helping boost the authority of the websites that link back to you. Increasing those website’s domain authority (DA) means you now have links on websites that have a higher domain authority (DA), making your links more ‘valuable’ in the eyes of Google. Because of the other website’s standing, you also will see a boost in your authority, which in turn will result in your website appearing better in search engine results, which equals more traffic!

Use Optuno’s Backlink Booster in multiple ways:

Give your backlinks a boost

So, you have a link to your website on another website (yay, that is good!), but it’s a new page or one that doesn’t have much authority, so it doesn’t have as big of an impact as if your link was on a website with a high DA. That’s where we help, by giving the website that has your link a boost to increase its authority, which in turn will increase your authority.

Rank secondary properties

Want to rank a YouTube video, Facebook page, Local directory, etc.? Optuno Backlink Booster links are the perfect solution and bang for your buck to boost traffic to your YouTube videos, Facebook page or your business’ second location.

The Link Booster

By supercharging your links with Optuno Backlink Booster, you’ll be delivering more power to your authority sites (the sites that your links are on), channeled through your second tier (the content that has the link to your authority site).

This multiplies the value of any link that you have, often 2-3 times! We recommend using Backlink Booster on guest posts, press releases, or anywhere you want your links to deliver more value.

On top of that, you can use as many keywords or anchors as you’d like, as we’ll slowly release the links, for more natural link building.

How It Works

Step 1

Purchase Optuno Backlink Booster

Just get with your project manager and let them know you’re interested in our Backlink Booster service. Then give us the URLS of websites where a link to your website appears & keywords related to your business.

Step 2

Link Drip

We will write an article on your subject matter adding in the links you provided and start delivering it to websites with high DA. This will boost the authority of that page, which will in turn boost your page’s authority by association.

Optuno Backlink Booster Packages



  • 50 Posts on High DA Sites
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Anchor Text
  • Slow Drip Available



  • 250 Posts on High DA Sites
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Unlimited Anchor Text
  • Slow Drip Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should I send these links?

These links are great for boosting second tier properties (your current backlinks). We do not recommend pointing these to your main website.

Can I match the keywords I use to specific URLs?

For our Optuno Backlink Booster product, the keywords are used randomly with the URLs. We suggest using generic keywords, so they work well with each URL you are using in your package.